Neubrain employs a disciplined and controlled capability development and implementation approach with rigorous quality control and measurements. We formulated our Neubrain Impact, Value, Result (IVR) Methodology© from best industry practices and standards, such as Capability Maturity Model (CMM), Project Management, Quality Assurance, Rapid Application Development (RAD), and others. We are constantly enhancing and refining our methodology based on the lessons learned from developing, testing, and deploying systems that meet our client’s business objectives and performance requirements.Neubrain-Methodology


The Neubrain IVR Methodology© provides the techniques, processes, procedures, and tools necessary to establish a robust and comprehensive implementation framework needed for any of our client engagements. Our IVR Methodology© :

  • Ensures that business value drives the technology, architecture, and implementation decisions
  • Implements accountability and traceability of the developed business processes, procedures, and systems
  • Maintains the highest levels of quality and integrity of the project throughout the entire life cycle