Whether you’re looking to develop the right business analytics strategy for your organization or to optimize your business’ performance, Neubrain can help. Our experts collaborate with you to create budgets, to design complex analytical models to forecast your sales, and help you grapple with all kinds of complex projects.

Neubrain offers the right blend and range of services for your organization to deploy new business analytics technology. We also help you develop the internal organizational capabilities necessary to support your team members as they adopt and use the new analytics solutions.

To minimize travel costs and reduce carbon footprint, Neubrain can execute the entirety of a project or any portion of it virtually by leveraging our state of the art cloud-based infrastructure, conferencing utilities, and web-based project management tools and methods.

Our Professional Services include:

  • Quick Audit and Proof of Concept - determine the value proposition of business analytics technology for improving your decision-making
  • Strategy Development - analyze the opportunities, risks, and affects of introducing a new business analytics capability in your organization
  • Capabilities Blueprinting - create a business analytics architecture, detailed requirements, and model design
  • Capability Planning and Implementation - create a project plan, design, implement, test and roll out your solution to users
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer - provide product training, customer specific application training, knowledge transfer planning, and documentation
  • Program and Project Management - provide oversight and direction for all project activities
  • System Support, Audit and Validations - provide post launch system support, product support, and system upgrades
  • Pre-packaged Implementations - deploy a powerful, cost effective system in as little as 24 hours
  • Application Support Services - provide specialized services including application support, interface troubleshooting, data stewardship, on-demand process guidance, first tier help desk, and ongoing training.
  • Analytics as a Service - outsourcing your business analytics to Neubrain. For a modest monthly subscription fee we will leverage our business analytics tools, industry expertise, and advanced methodologies to collaborate with you on special projects or periodically generate valuable analysis and reports for your business. Think of us as a part-time or full-time member of your staff dedicated to helping your business improve decision making.