Neubrain’s technology solutions help your organization manage data from multiple data sources, visualize business drivers through real-time performance management, and create forecasts to strategize for the future. We can help you formulate the right business analytics strategy and architecture, implement your solution to extrapolate valuable information from large data sets, and train your staff to effectively use the new tools.


Business Analytics

Our Business Analytics solution is robust and nimble, delivering powerful all-in-one analytics without unneeded processing overhead and with the flexibility to serve all your business functions.


Interactive Visualization & Dashboards

We offer an all-in-one solution that combines comprehensive business analytics capabilities with powerful and easy-to-use visual analysis objects. Our solution features programming-free drag and drop user interfaces for rapid creation of dashboards, KPIs, personal mashboards, performance scorecards, and interactive reports...


Corporate Performance Management Software

Empower your company to improve managerial decision-making by measuring, monitoring, and managing real-time, the actionable metrics that matter most for your company...


Data Integration Software

Two thirds of time spent on a typical business analytics project is devoted to data import and integration. Our analytics solution includes robust data integration, management and ETL capabilities to ensure that your data are thoroughly identified and accurately integrated for use...