Financial Services Solution

Overcome Obstacles to Gain Financial Certainty

The financial services industry is inherently data-driven. From budgeting to performance management to risk analysis and reporting, the ability to analyze massive volumes of data helps financial institutions understand their risks, strengthen their competitive advantages, and enhance their value to customers. However, many companies underestimate their preparedness to manage this boom in data. Inflexible architecture, inefficient use of existing hardware, and inability to run complex analysis are all obstacles to progress and productivity.

Automate Analysis to Mitigate Risk

Neubrain’s Analytics for Financial Services solution combines business analytics, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and performance management capabilities into a single unified framework. Our approach is tailored to your financial firm’s environment, automating the collection and analysis of specific data from multiple sources. Our Analytics for Financial Services solution protects your firm from economic and political volatility and mitigates risk by creating accurate financial forecasts and what-if scenarios.

Key Users and Benefits

Our Analytics for Financial Services solution helps your team members share information through dashboards and interactive reports, allowing decision makers to visualize your firm’s costs, customer value, and financial and operational performance. By using one solution, you ensure that your data analysts, planners, and managers follow the same framework, and review a single version of truth.


Financial Services Solution Financial Services Solution


  • National Electronics Warranty Corporation
  • Pulaski Bank
  • Acadian Asset Management

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