Data Analytics for Government

Reduce Waste, Fraud, and Abuse

Data mismanagement and resulting misinformation cost government agencies much more than lost revenue. Loss of credibility and weakened public relations can be just as staggering and can leave an organization with financial, operational, and even psychological scars.

Protect Your Reputation and Preserve Your Assets

Neubrain’s Data Analytics solution prevents error propagation inherent in static data analysis tools such as spreadsheets and standalone programs. Our Data Analytics solution is designed to work with your real-time data from a diverse set of sources, and features a range of built-in financial, mathematical, and statistical functions. The Data Analytics solution empowers your organization through efficient data collection, powerful data visualization, drag and drop analysis, and self-service reporting capabilities. Build, manage, and share meaningful and accurate data through robust, interconnected applications that support the time-to-insight and decision-making processes crucial to reducing miscommunication and damaging errors.

Key Users and Benefits

Analysts from any department within your organization can use the Data Analytics solution to build useful applications, including data analysts, technical staff, and managers. Programming-free and versatile, the solution allows you to customize the user interface for your staff, and provides a flexible search function and the capability to run what-if scenarios and simulations.



Data Analytics for Government DoD Strength Analysis

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