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Customer Successes

Park City UtahPark City, UtahLinking Budgets to Results

Neubrain is helping Park City build solid growth models, connect costs with expected outcomes, improve auditability, and foster collaboration among city stakeholders.
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Chris Martin IVMartin GuitarBudgeting for Growth

Neubrain’s solution helps Martin Guitar streamline and optimize budgeting processes to effectively support their continued growth and success. Read case study

City of Salem, OregonSalem Small
Streamlining Processes

Learn about the City's best practices and the new budgeting platform to help support its strategic objectives, prioritize resources, and streamline processesWatch webinar


As technologies advance, the global marketplace changes, and the economy ebbs and flows, it is apparent that traditional budgeting, planning and forecasting practices are becoming a relic of the past.

With the right strategies and technologies in place, organizations can develop a more strategic budget approach.

Neubrain can help your organization through this process. With pre-packaged software applications powered by cutting-edge and easy-to-use technology, Neubrain helps link budget decisions with strategic outcomes.

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Customer Testimonials

We selected Neubrain to help us automate the City’s outcome budgeting, forecasting, and performance management processes. Neubrain’s innovative solution helps our city management, departments, and the City Council manage business better, allowing us to create a stronger link between budget decisions and strategic outcomes.Jed Briggs, Budget Operations Manager, Park City Municipal Corporation
Thanks again to all of you at Neubrain for improving our lives and, therefore, those we serve in Placer County.   Manager of Revenue, Budgets and Financial Reporting, Placer County, California

Neubrain has gone above and beyond, far exceeding our expectations! In a fast-paced and evolving environment, Neubrain has always remained flexible while attacking our challenges head-on with a positive attitude. Their solutions and support have streamlined our budgeting process and enabled our team to confidently prepare Congressional Budget submissions in support of our $35B annual appropriation!Program Manager, Air Force

Greg Christman, Senior Financial Analyst, C.F. Martin & Co., Inc.

The Neubrain project teams talent and knowledge ensured the success of our project. Their enthusiasm and passion was exemplary, and it was a pleasure working with them.Paula Davis, Budget Officer, City of Springfield, Oregon
Smarter and faster - thanks to Neubrain! Today our budget personnel prepare complex Congressional Budget submissions and analysis with ease and confidence. Military Personnel Appropriation Manager, Air National Guard