Analytics for Executives

Powerful Analytics Tools Enable Excellent Decisions

As an executive working under great scrutiny in today’s business and economic environment you have added pressure when making difficult decisions regarding company performance, personnel, cost, and strategy. Senior executives embrace analytics tools and techniques as they improve and become very powerful aids. They are adopting a more evidence-based and data-driven approach to decision making in order to gain competitive advantage.

Businesses collect more data than ever using new technologies, yet many of them struggle to extract value from their mountains of data to compete in the marketplace. The key for business executives to making smart business decisions is the ability to turn data into information that is ready to use, delivered promptly and on demand.

Neubrain Analytics Solution for the Executive

Neubrain solutions can extract historical and real time data from multiple data sources, automating your decision making steps and visualizing valuable information through easy-to-interpret dashboards and interactive reports. It drills through to the lowest detail level and produces accurate customized reports to unveil company trends and pricing patterns, business unit performance, personnel efficiency, costs, and process bottlenecks. You can use your new-found insights to devise forecasts and what-if scenarios to mitigate future risks.

Our versatile solution provides you with an all-in-one resource for budgeting, forecast planning, and performance management along with the tools necessary to monitor results.

Special Features

There are many business intelligence tools available but the Neubrain solution greatly improves on them by being:

  • Tailored to support executive decision-making
  • Easy to use for non-technical personnel, with self-service features like drag and drop and Google-like data search
  • Customizable specifically to the needs of each organization
  • Flexible to access, capture, and analyze information wherever it resides, allowing for a complete snapshot of your business in real time
  • Insightful to help determine non-obvious patterns and forecasts from information collected by leveraging predictive analytics
  • Powerful to enable interactive reporting, decision-making workflow and information sharing to communicate with individual users, departments, business partners, and other stakeholders


Analytics for Executives Analytics for Executives


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