As technologies advance

the global marketplace changes, and the economy ebbs and flows, it is apparent that traditional budgeting, planning and forecasting practices are becoming a relic of the past. With the right strategies and technologies in place, organizations can develop a more strategic budget approach. Neubrain can help your organization through this process. With pre-packaged software applications powered by cutting-edge and easy-to-use technology, Neubrain helps link budget decisions with strategic outcomes.



tailor-made for your industry, function, and business role
Connecting Budgets and Results

Link Budgets with Strategic Outcomes

Neubrain’s Performance-based Budgeting solution not only automates and streamlines traditional budgeting processes but also unifies cost-based budgeting with performance goals. Your organization can immediately leverage the solution’s best practice frameworks, or you can tailor the features to readily accommodate your requirements. 

Personnel Budgeting

Manage Budget Constraints and Complex Payroll Data

Salaries make up the greatest portion of your expenditure budget. You need to use logical and proven forecasting techniques to provide a true picture of where your payroll dollars are going. In addition, organizations face increasing volatility, budget constraints, and scrutiny, making accurate expenditure projections essential to making smart pay and personnel decisions. 

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Shorten Budget Cycles and Reduce Errors

Our Operating Budget software solution includes a rich set of features and functionality to implement a powerful and user-friendly system that can accommodate customers’ unique requirements and needs. The solution automates the creation of the base budget and any supplemental requests or service level changes. It is capable of housing multiple parallel organizational hierarchies and roll-up levels (performance-oriented, organizational, departmental, and others). 


Improve Capital Investment Decisions to Build Infrastructure and Enhance Service Delivery

Our Capital Budget software solution automates the creation, budgeting, analysis, and reporting of the capital project budgeting tasks. It can interface with any Financial system as well as Project and Grants Management software to be able to budget and track projects at a much more granular level.


Infuse the Power of Predictive Analytics into Business Operations and Decision-making

Our solution automates current year projections and long-term forecasting activities. It's possible to set up unique forecasting methods per each account type, group, fund/fund balance, cost center, etc.

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Shorten Time to Launch and Deliver More Value with Solutions Tailored to Your Initiative

Neubrain offers a complete set of capabilities in all areas of performance management, from Strategy Management and Planning, Process Automation, and Controls, to Data Integration and Performance Reporting via the Internal or External Performance Portal.


Department of Defense

Optimize your manual and Excel-supported processes and modernize existing custom or rigid tools used in budget and reporting tasks, including Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE), and Congressional Budget Justification (J-Book).

Federal Government

Federal, State and Local Government

Our solution connects your performance information sources, providing a complete view of how your organization is doing and projecting where it needs to be for the future.

Non Profit

Nonprofits and Authorities

Our solution for nonprofit organizations helps gain better insights into costs, donation sources, and finances, and create accurate financial projections. Ultimately all these factors will help the organization function at an efficient level, achieve compliance, and improve its attractiveness to donors...



Our solution focuses on overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) metrics in three core areas: availability, performance, and quality. 

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Shorten Time to Launch and Deliver More Value with Solutions Tailored to Your Industry

Neubrain has created various solutions for different industries, all using our deep subject matter expertise. Our solutions help you answer crucial questions: What is happening or trending now? How can you improve on it? How can you differentiate your organization and stay ahead of the competition?

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Business Analytics Software

Our Business Analytics solution is robust and nimble, delivering powerful all-in-one analytics without unneeded processing overhead and with the flexibility to serve all your business functions.

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Performance Management Software

Empower your company to improve managerial decision-making by measuring, monitoring, and managing real-time, the actionable metrics that matter most for your company..

Data Visualization

Interactive Visualization and Dashboards

We offer an all-in-one solution that combines comprehensive business analytics capabilities with powerful and easy-to-use visual analysis objects. Our solution features programming-free drag and drop user interfaces for rapid creation of dashboards, KPIs, personal dashboards, performance scorecards, and interactive reports

Data Integration

Data Integration Software

Two-thirds of the time spent on a typical business analytics project is devoted to data import and integration. The powerful analysis is impossible until your data are thoroughly identified and accurately integrated for use. 

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Manage data from multiple data sources, visualize business drivers through real-time performance management, and create forecasts to strategize for the future...



Professional Services

System Integration

Whether you’re looking to develop the right business analytics strategy for your organization or to optimize your business’ performance, Neubrain can help. Our experts collaborate with you to create budgets...

Professional Services

CFO Services

Neubrain is reinventing finance operations – strengthening financial controls, improving efficiencies, and integrating analytics into key finance functions – to help organizations to improve...

Professional Services

Training Services

Neubrain is committed to providing you with the skills and knowledge necessary to get the most out of our IT solutions – and your investment – by attending to the specific needs of your organization...

Professional Services

Service Delivery Method

Neubrain employs a disciplined and controlled capability development and implementation approach with rigorous quality control and measurements. We formulated our Neubrain Impact, Value, Result...


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