Neubrain’s business analytics solution helped the Navy’s decision makers with consistent, accurate, and trusted information, allowing immediate insights into financial and operational performance; deeper analysis of trends and patterns; and clear foresight for planning and allocating resources.


The Navy’s Personnel Appropriation (budget: $28 billion; strength/personnel: over 324,000) provides resources necessary to compensate military personnel required to man approved force structure and support infrastructure.

In order to improve the precision of the Navy’s Military Personnel portion of the President’s Budget Submission to Congress, the Navy Financial Management leadership needed to revise their processes, methodologies and systems for preparing the Navy’s part of the President’s Budget submission.

Despite investing into a comprehensive data warehouse to store historical and execution manpower data, the tasks and challenges at hand were not easily resolved by just accumulating all required data. The received data needed careful scrutiny, analysis and validation. In addition, budgeting and long-range forecasting tasks were supported by spreadsheets and manual data manipulation processes that caused calculation errors, created major process inefficiencies and presented analytical challenges.

In addition to incidents caused by lack of access to the appropriate financial data, spreadsheet-supported and manual processes were causing calculation errors and major process inefficiencies, budget cycle times would last multiple weeks and would require significant overtime.

The Navy contracted Neubrain to build a business analytics system (MAJIC system) in order to provide accurate President’s Budget Submission and balance resources in the most cost effective manner while avoiding any violations of the US Anti-Deficiency Act.


Working closely with the Navy’s financial and IT personnel, Neubrain consultants applied Neubrain business analytics technology to implement a MAJIC system for the Navy. The system provides decision makers with planning, analytical, and decision making power they need to comply with new performance budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and congressional budget justification requirements.

The new MAJIC system has provided the Navy with the following benefits:

  • Improved accuracy of the Navy’s Military Personnel (MILPERS) budget estimates
  • Centralization of the Navy’s J-Book methodology and knowledge
  • Improved Navy J-Book preparation and publishing processes by reducing cycle times from weeks to hours
  • Improved the quality of the data entering the analytical and modeling processes
  • Created a flexible decision support and planning model that can rapidly assimilate new data sources and accommodate any changes required by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD)
  • An intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface and displays
  • Increased analytical capabilities that enable more predictable and accurate results