Neubrain’s budgeting and business analytics solution helped Howard County Maryland implement an Automated Budget and Reporting System using IBM Business Analytics and Performance Management software in order to improve the preparation, analysis, and monitoring of the County’s annual operating budget, capital budget, and 5-year capital improvement program.


Howard County Maryland was founded in 1838 and currently has population of nearly 300,000 residents. The County has an operating budget of $898.8 billion, capital budget of $1.503.3 billion, 12 departments, and manages a payroll of 11,227.66 employees.

To better serve its citizens and gain more insight into its annual operating budget, capital budget and its capital improvement program, the county decided to implement an automated budget and reporting system using IBM Business Analytics and Performance Management software

Their old system was too rigid and complicated to use, poorly integrated with payroll, human resources and core financial system. The budgeting process was too costly and time consuming, there was no support for the budgeting workflow, and it had very limited analytical capabilities. In addition, there was no reporting or performance management functionality.


Working in close collaboration with Howard County staff, Neubrain’s team implemented its industry-leading solution, utilizing team members' advanced knowledge of public sector budgeting domain, as well as Cognos IBM Business Analytics and Performance Management software.

The new system provides Howard County with the following benefits:

  • Reduced operating and capital budgeting cycles times from months to days
  • Streamlined budgeting process with one source and a single version of truth for all budgetary information, including position, personnel, benefits, operating budget, capital budget and 5-year capital plans
  • Improved collaboration, reporting, and ultimately decision making for the management, while utilizing advanced analytical capabilities and a user friendly interface.
  • Improved employee productivity by budget cycles and amount of time required to generate analysis and reports
  • The introduction of advanced forecasting capability for better planning and reaction to potential risks

With Neubrain’s solution and its public sector budgeting expertise Howard County’s decision-makers are now equipped with consistent, accurate, and trusted information, allowing immediate insights into financial and budget performance, deeper analysis of trends and patterns as well as clear foresight for planning resources.