Neubrain’s budgeting and business analytics solution helped the Housing Authority of Baltimore City to reduce budgeting cycles, automate complex forecasting and cost allocation processes, improve productivity and accuracy of information, as well as achieved compliance with local and federal regulations


The Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC) was established in 1937 to provide federally-funded public housing programs and related services for Baltimore's low-income residents. HABC is the fifth largest public housing authority in the country, with more than 1,000 employees and an annual budget of approximately $300 million.

The Agency currently serves over 20,000 residents in more than 10,000 housing units. HABC's portfolio includes 28 family developments, 17 mixed population buildings, two senior buildings and scattered sites throughout the City. Baltimore's Housing Choice Voucher program provides an additional 12,000 families with rental housing subsidies each year

The HABC used a manual process for budget preparation, forecasting, allocation, and consolidation, which was very inadequate for the level of data granularity required. The manual process required months worth of time commitment per cycle, was highly prone to error, required completed reprocessing if any changes were made to existing financial models, and certain mandated cost reporting and allocation methods were nearly impossible.


As a result of the strong partnership with the HABC personnel, industry leading solution, advanced knowledge of business analytics and budgeting technology, and exemplary commitment to the project, Neubrain’s team and HABC achieved the following results:

    • Improved budgeting workflow and reduced budgeting cycles times from months to days
    • Provided tight integration with the HABC’s Microsoft Great Plains accounting system and a single version of truth for all budgetary, project finance, forecasting, and other reporting information
    • Provided accurate actuals-to-date data, current period forecasting and variance tracking to insure spending is within the approved amounts
    • Automated complex cost projection and cost allocation processes to meet HUD and other regulatory mandates

After complexities and challenges experienced by the HABC in the past, with Neubrain’s solution and its team expertise the HABC’s decision makers are now equipped with consistent, accurate, and trusted information, allowing immediate insights into financial and budget performance; deeper analysis of trends and patterns; and clear foresight for planning and allocating resources.