Neubrain’s integrated planning and business analytics solution helped the Air National Guard’s decision makers with consistent, accurate, and trusted information, allowing immediate insights into financial and operational performance, deeper analysis of trends and patterns, and clear foresight for planning and allocating resources.



The Air National Guard (ANG) Personnel Appropriation (budget: $3.5 billion; strength/personnel: over 106,127) provides resources necessary to compensate military personnel required to man approved force structure and support infrastructure.


To improve the precision of the Air National Guard’s Military Personnel portion of the President’s Budget Submission to Congress, the ANG Financial Management leadership needed to revise their processes, methodologies, and systems for preparing the ANG’s part of the President’s Budget submission.


The President’s Budget is a budget for future years. In order to better forecast the future, it is necessary to be able to track the past and identify trends and changes to financial requirements to date. For the ANG, the problem was that the historical and execution manpower data was in many individual, large-scale systems. While a few of the systems shared data, no single system shared all of the data. An identifiable trend in any one of these systems could have a significant impact on the financial needs of the ANG in the President’s budget.
In addition to incidents caused by lack of access to the appropriate financial data, spreadsheet-supported and manual processes were causing calculation errors and major process inefficiencies, budget cycle times would last multiple weeks and require significant overtime.


The ANG contracted Neubrain to build an integrated planning and business analytics system (J-Book system) to provide accurate President’s Budget Submission and balance resources in the most cost-effective manner and at the same time avoid violations of the US Anti-Deficiency Act.


As a result of the strong partnership with the ANG’s financial personnel, advanced knowledge of business analytics technology, and exemplary commitment to the project,


Neubrain consultants and the ANG achieved the following results: the new J-Book system provides decision makers with planning, analytical, and decision-making power they need to comply with new performance budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and congressional budget justification requirements.


The system provides a data repository (single version of the truth) and an advanced business analytics model with execution and prior-year data, a future-years formulation segment, pricing and costing components, and a what-if scenario modeling component.


Despite these complexities and challenges, over the years the J-Book system/business analytics model has been consistently providing the ANG’s decision makers with consistent, accurate, and trusted information, allowing immediate insights into financial and operational performance; deeper analysis of trends and patterns; and clear foresight for planning and allocating resources.
Additionally, budget cycle times have been reduced to just a few weeks and the required workload is achieved within normal business hours.

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