There is no single model that works for every organization. To be effective, Performance-Based Budgeting must be tailored to your needs, incorporating your unique processes with industry-specific best practices and the core tenets of PBB.
Currently, Neubrain’s custom budgeting and business analytics solution is helping Park City, Utah quickly implement and optimize their performance-based budgeting framework. As a result of the strong partnership with Park City and its personnel, an industry leading solution, advanced knowledge of business analytics and budgeting technology, and exemplary commitment to the project, Neubrain’s team and PCMC achieved the following results:

Neubrain_PBB_WhitePaper_071013_Page_2  Dramatically reduced budget cycle times from months to days

Neubrain_PBB_WhitePaper_071013_Page_2  Optimized, automated and integrated performance-based budgeting process

Neubrain_PBB_WhitePaper_071013_Page_2  Provided tight integration with financial systems

Neubrain_PBB_WhitePaper_071013_Page_2  Improved collaboration and communication between various stakeholders

Neubrain_PBB_WhitePaper_071013_Page_2  Implemented a real-time activity monitoring to track how money is spent

Neubrain_PBB_WhitePaper_071013_Page_2  Improved analytical capabilities through interactive reports and dashboards