operating BUDGET creation

reduce errors and shorten budget cycles

Our Operating Budget software solution for public sector organizations includes a rich set of features and functionality to implement a powerful and user friendly system that can accommodate customers’ unique requirements and needs. The solution automates the creation of the base budget as well as any supplemental requests or service level changes. It is capable of housing multiple parallel organizational hierarchies and roll-up levels (performance-oriented, organizational, departmental, CAFR and others).


    • Full integration with any financial system
    • Annual, quarterly, monthly and multi-year budgets
    • Unlimited number of budget versions and scenarios
    • “What-if” scenarios with the ability to switch between versions
    • Ability to create custom screens and fields to capture all elements needed for budget entry
    • Linking operating and capital budgets to determine operating impact of capital projects
    • Top-down budgeting: dynamically allocate changes to related values
    • Ability to rank and prioritize budget requests
    • Bottom-up budgeting: instantly roll-up changes
    • Real-time expenditure tracking
    • Workflow, audits and controls
    • Capture of narratives and attachments
    • Data locking: lock a budget, version or data element

Our solution offers key benefits to every member of your organization, from analysts to decision makers and external stakeholders. The solution allows your team members to connect budget decisions to strategic outcomes, improving efficiency, visibility and auditability, and ultimately, fostering collaboration.



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