Neubrain’s analytics solution helped J.J. Haines empower its executives and managers with timely and accurate information to make informed decisions on cost, budgeting, operations, personnel, and business strategy.


Founded in 1874, J.J. Haines & Company is among the oldest privately held companies in America. They are also the largest floor covering distribution company in the country, with operations covering the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast U.S. The company employs over 400 people, and manages more than 100 fleet vehicles.

The company faced technical and organizational challenges in accessing, visualizing and analyzing relevant performance data contained in the Dancik ERP system, they were inefficient in reporting high level performance management information, financial and sales performance data was out of synch, contained complicated data structure, and manual Excel-driven budgeting and planning was a burden.

Due to these challenges J.J. Haines wanted to implement a CPM solution that would enable them to analyze, monitor, report, and forecast the company’s performance and operations.


After only 8 weeks, as a result of implementing Neubrain’s industry leading solution, utilizing its advanced knowledge of business analytics, CPM, and budgeting technology, and exemplary commitment to the project, Neubrain’s team and J.J. Haines achieved the following results:

  • More accurate, cost effective, less time consuming, reporting and analysis through automation and implementation of more than 80 interactive reports and screens
  • Full risk assessment and strategy adjustment per creation of advanced budgeting and simulation environment, utilizing ‘what-if’ analysis on several facets of the business
  • Significant improvements in accessing, visualizing, and analyzing the relevant sales and financial data contained in the Dancik ERP system allowing J.J. Haines employees to focus more on the analysis activities rather than system maintenance tasks
  • Improved collaboration, reporting, analysis and decision making for the appropriate stakeholders and management, while utilizing advanced analytical capabilities and a user friendly interface
  • Streamlined and automated decision making processes related to the company’s sales analysis and cost planning
  • Improved employee productivity by reducing amount of time required to generate ad-hoc reports to several minutes

The new system provides advanced sales forecasting, store performance ranking and comparison by executing micro/macro and trending analysis of the sales data. The allocation functionality takes advantage of the sales analysis and performs allocation based on myriad of business rules, using real-time inventory data, such as on-hand, committed pending and others. According to the established workflow allocators can submit their allocations for review to supervisors, run allocations real-time, or save them for future action. In addition, allocators can re-use previously created sales and allocation profiles to improve efficiency and productivity of the process.

The company’s decision-makers are now equipped with accurate and trusted information, allowing for immediate insights into budgeting, corporate performance, full analysis of trends and patterns, and clear foresight for planning and allocating resources.