Business Analytics Training

Business Analytics 101 (1 Day)

This course is designed to expose students to the Business Analytics concepts, practices, methodologies and technologies that major corporations are applying in order to supply decision makers with the knowledge needed to succeed.  Course assignments will include readings, case studies, exposure to Business Analytics tools and data analytics projects. The course will cover: 


Part 1: Business Analytics Concepts

  • The role of business analytics in achieving organizational strategy and goals through improved decision-making
  • Basic architecture of Business Analytics tools and systems
  • Best practices and methodologies for implementing and maintaining Business Analytics systems, processes and capabilities
  • BI and CPM vendor marketplace, including primary BI solutions available from vendors such as SAP, IBM, Oracle, SAS, Microsoft, etc. including Business Analytics tools for specific industries or functional areas, small and medium-sized businesses
  • How to identify and capture business analytics requirements based on management decision challenges
  • How to convert organization’s data resources into insights and actionable information
  • Design effective visual presentation of analysis results

Part 2: Model Building Concepts
  • Basic principles of data analytics and data analytics lifecycle
  • Framing business problem as a business analytics problem
  • Data collection and data conditioning techniques
  • Data analysis, model planning and model building techniques
  • Evaluating, presenting and communicating analysis results
  • Operationalizing data models


"Neubrain staff was highly effective in training our MBA students the fundamentals of business analytics."

Dr. William DeLone, 
Professor of Information Technology, Kogod School of Business, American University

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