Budgeting Training

Budgeting 101 (1 Day)

Budgeting 101 is a 1-day course designed for business, budgeting, and finance professionals who would like to enhance their knowledge of what budget, how the budgeting process works, various budgeting concepts, practices, methodologies and technologies that major corporations are applying in order to effectively manage organization performance.

Course assignments include reading, case studies and exposure to the budgeting software tools:

  • Budgeting overview: What is and why budgeting?
  • The overview of the budget process
  • Types of budgets
  • Approaches to budgeting
  • How to categorize expenses
  • Preparing an operating budget—goals and assumptions
  • Preparing an operating Budget—forecasting sales and revenues
  • Preparing an operating budget—cost of goods sold, SG&A, and operating income
  • Capital budgets
  • Sensitivity analysis (what-if scenarios)
  • Budgeting execution and variance tracking
  • Linking the budget to performance (performance-based Budgeting)
  • How to leverage software tool in support of your budgeting tasks


"Neubrain staff was highly effective in training our MBA students the fundamentals of business analytics."

Dr. William DeLone, 
Professor of Information Technology, Kogod School of Business, American University

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